Specialist for Nails, Brads, and Pins of All Types –
For More than 100 Years

The roots of the family owned and operated company Gebrüder Graumann go back to the turn of the last century. In 1904, the master needle makers Karl and Paul Graumann established the company "Graumann Brothers" (Gebrüder Graumann) and manufactured nails as well as gramophone needles under the trade name "Echo Needles," among others.

Paul Graumann had learned the trade of a locksmith and was a weapon's expert but also focused on building special machinery and production equipment to produce needles and worked to further develop sound pick-up systems as well. The so-called "collar needle," which was especially good at amplifying sound, was a result of his profession.

The brothers went their separate ways in 1912. Karl continued to manage the company as "Gebrüder Graumann Nadelfabrik" on the same property used by the needle polishing mill founded in 1904 located in Hemer (called Sundwig before the village became incorporated).

Today, the third generation of the Graumann family is managed by the grandson of the founder, Karl Otto Graumann, and manufactures nails, brads, and pins of all types and designs as well as special fasteners exported to many countries of the world.

The tradition founded by Paul Graumann of developing and producing special products is continued today.

In 2018 the company Gebrüder Graumann Drahtwarenfabrik change into Graumann GmbH & Co. KG.