"Hitting the Nail on the Head" –
Tailor-Made and Quick

Based on decades of experience and our own production facilities, we are able to design and produce any wire pin, nail, stud, or brad in the shortest time possible, regardless whether it is a standard or customized product.

We support your products from the planning phase to development, design, construction and production with our own pool of machines.

This creates products in close cooperation with our customers that help simplifying and/or accelerate production steps or processes.

Different Shaft, Head, and Tip Variations Can Be Combined Depending On Application and Utilization – We Will Consult You and Tell You How

 Head Shapes 
Flat head, flush head, countersunk, hollow head, wide head, round head, dual head, hook nail

 Tip Shapes 
Diamond tip, rivet tip, dual-side chamfers, single-side chamfers, round tip, dual tip, anti-splitting tip, square tip, crushing cut

 Shaft Shapes 
Round shaft, square twisted shaft, groove thread, knurl thread, smooth or rough shaft