1001 Possibilities –
The Right Connection for Any Application

The functions and dimensions of our nails, brads, and pins are as numerous as their uses.

We manufacture our products in wire thicknesses from 0.7 mm to 8 mm and in lengths from 7 mm to 240 mm, with different tips, different types of shafts, and various finishing methods.

On of our specialty products consists of cap nails to fasten various types of corrugated sheets. We are one of the few companies in Germany producing these types of roofing nails.

We package our products in large crates up to 600 kg in weight stacked on Euro pallets. Of course, we also ship smaller packaging units from 1 to 5.0 kg.

Our standard product range includes the following:

- Machine nails for the production of pallets and crates

- Convex ring nails for the production of pallets

- Screw nails for the production of pallets

- Locking pins for nuts used with pipe fittings and unions

- Welding studs to fasten insulation

- Special pins and studs for use in HVAC applications

- Building board nails to fasten insulation

- Wire pins acc. to sample or drawing